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Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling a home may be among the most notable moments in your life – and as a Notary I possess a deep knowledge of the legal formalities required to help you finalize a real estate transaction for such moments. You may have heard the term “conveyance” — this is the legal process required to transfer a property from one person to another, but it includes other changes like registering a Home Equity Line of Credit or making other legal changes to a property. It is my goal that this process be as smooth as possible at a time that (while exciting) may also be quite busy, hectic, and stressful. You will find that I operate a relaxed, professional office where you deal with me personally, are made to feel welcome, and receive regular communications in an effort to keep you up-to-date on your real estate deal.

For most people a real estate transaction is likely one of the largest financial investments you’ll ever have in your life. Typically I see the contract for the purchase and sale after you’ve signed on the dotted line, however, it’s better to involve me sooner rather than later. I’m your legal resource. As each property is unique, and some may be complicated, or have unusual circumstances, I can help you get information early in the process to assist you to understand how to approach a particular property purchase and avoid potential surprises. Plus bringing a Notary into the picture before can help you to better understand the range of costs, fees, or taxes that may be involved as part of the entire acquisition or sale of your property. When selling, you will need to understand your obligations to pay off mortgages and any associated fees that come with that transaction. Knowledge is power and will assist you to make better informed decisions. Ultimately, discussing your real estate conveyance with me in advance can save you some money or stress …or both.

For Home Buyers, before you take final ownership of the property, the cycle of conveyancing involves investigations into the title, charges, and finances related to the property. At the same time, the other significant component to buying a house usually involves getting a mortgage from a bank or mortgage broker. As a Notary I am trained to read the ‘fine’ legal print of the mortgage and to be able to translate what this means for you in practical terms. Alternately, for Home Sellers, you will need to understand your obligations to pay off mortgages or other debts (like deferred property taxes) and other fees that come with a real estate sales transaction. These too can be outlined, so that you understand the full range of your financial and other obligations.

More and more people are seeing the wisdom of bringing a legal professional in as part of the process instead of only at the end of the process. I invite you to make me your Notary of choice for real estate – please contact me to review your buying or selling contracts before they are finalized or as soon as possible afterwards.

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