Estate Planning

Our process is streamlined and designed to make it easy to get started.

At Carter Notary, we have a particular passion around helping people with Estate Planning and having up-to-date Wills.

From personal experience, we have seen the shock of unexpected events, the lack of a Will, improper planning and the financial and emotional impact on family and loved ones. Fortunately, we have also seen the opposite, and know how a well-prepared Will protects and ensures surviving loved ones are treated with respect and fairness and are not burdened with additional stress during a difficult time of loss. Our goal is to walk you through the process and make our conversations around your Will and Estate personal, practical, and real.

Where ever you are in British Columbia. We can help you.

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Documents we can help you with

If you have a document that has not been listed, call our office at 250-383-4100 or send us an email at

What to Expect

Getting ready for your appointment is made easy with our Will Questionnaire. The questionnaire allows you to think through all the necessary information needed for your appointment and creates the framework for the discussion about you and your objectives. It also allows us to do our due diligence while helping us understand your unique situation and to inform and advise you on any issues or relevant legal matters.

Many people tell us their Will is simple and straightforward, however, we know many people’s lives are not so straightforward. In BC, our Wills and Estate laws are the most complex in the country. Being ready to meet with the Notary helps us to identify both factual information and potential risk factors that most people are not even aware exist.

Tools and Resources

For your 1st interview appointment, complete and send us your Questionnaire at least 2 business days in advance plus any relevant documentation (i.e. existing Wills, Power of Attorneys, separation agreements, birth certificate, etc.).

  • Have at least one piece of primary ID available at the appointment (see accepted ID).
  • Read our technology consent information form.
  • Zoom invites will be sent 1-2 business days prior to the appointment.

**Only those creating their documents should attend the 1st appointment. Friends or family are welcome to help set up for the meeting, but they will be asked to leave the room once the interview is underway.

**See our cancellation policy**

After the interview, we prepare draft documents and send them to you for your review and approval. We ask for approval or any changes and feedback the day before your signing appointment for us to have ready.

You need to bring 2 pieces of ID (see accepted ID) to your signing appointment.

After signing, we provide both electronic and photocopy of final documents, plus you get the originals and any further instructions for completion (Power of Attorney, Health Representation Agreement). If attorneys and health representatives are located in Victoria, they can book an appointment and bring the originals to sign at our office.

All of the Wills we sign are registered with BC Vital Statistics Agency – Will Registry. 5 key pieces of information they need are: legal name, date of birth, birth location, date Will signed, and location of Will.

Have questions? Chat with us via phone or email.