Let us help you with your Mortgage.

Important Information for our Mortgage Clients:

  • Let us know ASAP of a mortgage and dates – it is helpful to know if these dates are firm or flexible.
  • Let us know ASAP if there is a person being added as an owner to the property, or if the mortgage is related to a purchase.
  • Send us your bank representative or mortgage broker’s phone number and email.
  • Send us your insurance broker contact information.
  • Provide us contact information for your strata management, if applicable.
  • Read the retainer letter we send to you.
  • Complete and return your client intake form ASAP.
  • Sign your mortgage documents ASAP (do not leave this to the last minute as we only receive information after you have signed). A delay in signing can cause a delay for us.
  • We will request payout statements for existing mortgages and if it is a line of credit, the account will be frozen when the lender processes the statement.
  • Lenders often require additional payouts or closing of accounts (i.e. credit card(s), personal lines of credit, student loans, car loans, etc.) – be prepared to provide details about this.
  • You may be required to provide verbal or written authority to your lender for us to receive a mortgage payout statement.
  • A spouse who is not an owner of the property getting the mortgage will be required to obtain Independent Legal Advice regarding this mortgage loan.
  • Mortgage files can take up to another 2 months to complete to allow for mortgage discharges. When everything is done we send a final state of title certificate.

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