Purchasing and Selling
– Home or Condo

 Let us help you with your Purchase and Sale.

Important information for our Purchasing and Selling Clients:

  • See here for Purchase information.
  • See here for Sale infomation.
  • Let us know if you are getting a bridge loan.
  • Let us know your dates for each the purchase and the sale as soon as possible.
  • More coordination is needed between the two files, and it is really important we understand key information as soon as possible to coordinate funds to meet the needs of the purchase, especially if they are coming from the proceeds of the sale of a home.
  • We do not recommend having the same day closing for a purchase and a sale; however, we do see many contracts that still do this. If you have not yet made an offer, please talk to us to discuss your options available around dates to make both the purchase and sale smoother and to eliminate potential issues. Especially with COVID and increased use of wiring funds, time is a critical factor.

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