Real Estate Contract Drafting

Let us help you draft a Contract.

Important information for our Contract clients:

Often people come to us to create private contracts because they are buying from a parent, or a landlord is selling to a tenant. If you want to purchase or sell a property privately and avoid real estate fees, private contracts can be done. We do not take the place of a realtor – our role is strictly related to receiving instructions about what you want in the contract and putting that contract in a form that can be presented for signing by the other side.

Contact us immediately to set up a consult, as not all property is the same. The nature of your role in the contract (buyer or seller) is important for us to know as each role requires different considerations, information and work.

**Please note, we do not offer services in negotiations, viewing properties, recommending or suggesting a price for the transaction, recommending terms, or taxation advice.**

  • Buying a single family home or condo.
  • Selling a single family home or condo.
  • Family transfer where a mortgage is required.
  • Contracts we do not prepare:
    • Mobile home contracts for sale or purchase.
    • Commercial properties for sale or purchase.
    • Corporation contracts for sale or purchase.
    • Business for sale or purchase.
  • Reason for the sale or purchase of property.
  • Property details – address, size of property, current owner, current mortgage (if any).
  • Provide us with an assessment or tax notice.
  • People details – names and contact information for the buyer(s) and seller(s), residency of the parties, relationship of the parties, personal information such as: address, SIN Number, date of birth, contact information.
  • Terms and conditions — can be common or unique to a specific property:
    • How much property is being bought or sold for.
    • How much is the deposit going to be.
    • What will be included – kitchen appliances, curtains, blinds, garden shed, etc.
  • Is there anything that must be done as part of the contract?
    • For example, does the property need to be professionally cleaned, minor repairs, removal of an oil tank, septic tank cleaned, authority to review municipal records, etc.
  • Subject conditions
    • Common subject conditions include: financing, title review, legal review of conract, property inspection, insurance, strata documentation review, property disclosure statement, strata insurance, etc.
  • Provide us with any timelines or urgency to complete the contract or deal.
  • Complete and return client intake form ASAP.
  • Read the retainer letter we send to you.
  • Let us know who the other side is using for the conveyance.
  • Once the contract is complete, see here for Purchase information and Sale information.

Have questions? Chat with us via phone or email.