Property Transfer

Let us help you with your Property Transfer.

Important information for our Property Transfer Clients:

Contact us immediately to set up a consult, as not all property transfers are the same.The nature of the property transfer is important for us to know as each type of transfer requires different information and work. It may be more complex than you realize.

  • Right of Survivorship – when a person dies and property is owned jointly, then a death certificate is required to begin the process of removing a person’s name off the ownership of the property.
  • Adding a person or family member as a legal owner.
  • Removing a person or family member as a legal owner.
  • New mortgage or refinancing.
  • Transferring property into Executor’s name once probate is granted.
  • Reason for the transfer.
  • If you are adding or removing a person from title ownership and there is an existing mortgage, check with your lender as you will need permission from the lender before you can proceed with the transfer.
  • Property details – address, size of property, current owner, current mortgage (if any).
  • People details – relationship of parties, personal information such as: address, SIN Number, date of birth, contact information.
  • Provide us with an assessment or tax notice.
  • Provide us with any timelines or urgency to complete the transfer.
  • Complete and return client intake form ASAP.
  • Read the retainer letter we send to you.

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