Purchase – House or Condo

Let us help you with your Purchase.

Important information for our Purchase Clients:

  • Send us a copy of your contract.
  • Send us any strata documents, if applicable.
  • Send us your bank representative or mortgage broker’s phone number and email.
  • Read the retainer letter we send to you.
  • Complete your client intake form ASAP.
  • Sign your mortgage documents ASAP (do not leave this to the last minute as we only receive information after you have signed). A delay in signing can cause a delay for us.
  • Organize and pay your home insurance.
  • If a strata, obtain contents and improvements insurance.
  • Client funds:
    • When we email your signing documents, you will know how much is due. **If you are ordering funds and you need to know the amount required earlier, please advise us ASAP**
    • Bank drafts are due to the Notary office 3 business days before closing date.
    • Please ensure you order a bank draft with sufficient time for delivery, particularly if you use an online bank (Tangerine, Simplii) or have to cash in investments.
  • Real estate files take up to another 2 months to complete to allow for things like mortgage discharges. When everything is done we send a final state of title certificate.

Have questions? Chat with us via phone or email.