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Snoring to Soaring: The Path to 104

  “…My goal is to remain drug-free, maintain a healthy brain, and live to 104” – Beverly  Sometimes, I feel that the world spins at a dizzying pace, easily trapping me in the whirlwind of daily routines and causing me to miss out on the true essence of life. In the spring of 2023 at […]

Ice Cream Values (Part 2)

The response to last years “Ice Cream Values” article was tremendous, and so many of you shared how connected you felt to adopting these ice cream values in your own life. Since then, I’ve been working on listening to my own advice. I even booked a week off to go to a little cabin in […]

2023 Hispanic Picnic

We attended the first Hispanic Picnic and had a great time! The picnic was filled with mouthwatering food, energetic music and a large piñata. People were playing soccer, volleyball, and even Lotería (a game similar to Bingo). I have a close connection to Mexican culture through my daughter-in-law and other son. Not to mention many […]

Mom: Celebrating Her Simple Yet Profound Lessons

Family relationships can be complex, but I can honestly say that my relationship with my mom was not complicated at all. However, my mom had a complex relationship with herself, and it is this complexity, along with her personal values, that strongly influenced who I have become today. Mom came from a good, solid, farming […]

March 2023 Notary Newsletter

Click HERE to read our March 2023 Newsletter!   Beverly has written an article about the importance of Walking with Sunshine in our Heart.   Beverly welcomed her First Grandbaby to the Carter family in January.   Sign up for our upcoming Spring Herbal Forest Walk with Herbalist Betty Norton.   Read our Think Local […]

Sunshine in your Heart

“…Walking with Sunshine in your Heart” -Sharon, Germany To counteract some of the burdens of our changed society and remain relevant and a model for my family and my staff, I’ve been looking at different ways to renew my optimism and nourish myself. So, I decided I need to do things that keep my brain […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day from Beverly Carter and the Notary Team! We got the green memo! We hope everyone has an amazing day.