Sunshine in your Heart

“…Walking with Sunshine in your Heart” -Sharon, Germany

To counteract some of the burdens of our changed society and remain relevant and a model for my family and my staff, I’ve been looking at different ways to renew my optimism and nourish myself. So, I decided I need to do things that keep my brain healthy and keep me connected to people outside my work to help with balance and perspective. I’ve always had the mindset to do things differently, or if something is not working for me, to try something new. So, I’ve started with some audio business books to learn and get refocused on things I used to know and get back into ‘the know’ with myself.


During a chat with my best friend Sharon, she shared some personal wisdom and inspiration. “You should always be walking with sunshine in your heart”. This thought really resonated with me as an attitude of facing your world and finding the joy in your environment and the people you surround yourself with.

In addition to increasing my physical exercise every week and listening to audiobooks, I started an Herbal Apprentice Program with my friend, Betty Norton. I met Betty about 8 years ago, when we both chaperoned a high school bank trip to Denmark. I saw firsthand how passionate she was about coming across ‘weeds’ in the ground in Denmark. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and I always felt that I wanted to learn more. In September I started Betty’s Herbal Apprentice Program, and it was immediately obvious to me that there is language that had been missing in my life. As we engaged with the learning around local plants and herbs that offer healing and medicinal properties, along with that came language that was warm, caring and nurturing.

With Spring around the corner, it’s a wonderful time for you to walk and find sunshine in your heart. I encourage you to find new perspectives in your everyday surroundings.

If you are inspired, I encourage you to join our upcoming Spring Herbal Forest Walk at Gowlland Tod Provincial Park on April 30th… or if that doesn’t work for you, just go find some sunshine!