Notary Public and ID Verification

We are always happy at the Notary office when we get new packages. Today we received our up-to-date ID checking guide. As a Notary Public we daily, and with each and every person, confirm their identity. As part of authenticating their identity we need to look at primary IDs issued by federal, national, provincial, or state governments throughout the world. Typically these are passports, driver’s licenses, services cards, and identity cards. The identity cards vary greatly and come in a multitude of colors and styles. If not for our identity guide, it would be impossible to know what each and every government throughout the world has in place. For example, last year Alberta changed from an operator’s license to a driver’s license. In essence it’s the same thing but the words are different and they have a different style, so when I first saw these I wasn’t sure if it was legitimate. There was no announcement to say that the cards have changed. We love our publications that allow us to keep the integrity of our office and profession. In this way we help people from all across the world take care of their personal business needs. Beverly Carter Notary Public Victoria BC

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