BC Notary and USA Consulate Documents

The USA Consulate in Vancouver has just announced to us on June 24th, 2020 that they are now open via mail-in services only. Documents requiring Consulate approval still require to be signed in office with Beverly Carter Notary Public before being sent to the Consulate.

Prior to signing any documents with us, we ask that you email them to us to preview if at all possible. Not all documents are uniform and not all states have the same requirements or processes. Previewing the documents helps us to help you avoid any delays in the process and allow you to be prepared for signing. For example, many real estate, time share, escrow, deed, transfer, documents we sign require information such as tax numbers, property management information, addresses, bank account numbers for wiring, etc.  These documents are complicated and often this information can be missed getting filled out by clients.  At my office and ready to sign coming up with the information from a cell phone or other resource is not easy.  When our office is able to preview we can confirm what information you should be filling in to make for an efficient signing and accurate document.

For our clients with notarized documents requiring USA Consular approval (a higher level of authentication), here is the detailed mail-in instructions from the US Consulate: US Vancouver Consulate Mail Process – PDF

As a Canadian notary practicing in Victoria, BC, Canada, Beverly Carter Notary Public is registered with the US Consulate in Vancouver and is the go-to person for all USA documents in the Greater Victoria area. Beverly also has a law practice Real Estate (Buying, Selling, New Mortgage, Refinancing, Private Real Estate Contract Drafting), Wills, Remote Wills, Powers Of Attorney, Health Representation Agreements, Advance Directives, Executor Appointments, and Attorney appointments.

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