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Remote Signing during COVID-19

Virtual/Remote Signings during BC’s State of Emergency

The Government of British Columbia announced that it will now permit notaries and lawyers in BC to remotely sign and execute Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorneys, and Representation Agreements during the province’s state of emergency. Ministerial Order M161 and M162 under the Emergency Program Act, came into effect on Tuesday May 19th and allows for the virtual signing of the above documents over audio-visual technology (such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc.). These orders require two witnesses to be “electronically-present” while signing, with at least one of them being a notary public or lawyer. These orders will only be in effect for the duration of the state of emergency.

As an essential service, Beverly Carter Notary Public has remained open and continues to offer clients social distancing-friendly notary services, including remote interviews and drive-in signing services. With the addition of orders M161 and M162, we are now able to remotely sign Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorneys, and Representation Agreements using audio-visual technology. Call us at (250)- 383-4100, or send us an email at and we would happy to book you an appointment and/or answer any questions.