What You Need to Know About the New Canada Covid Immigration Form

BC Notaries are playing an important role in helping bring loved ones into Canada.  As of October 8, 2020, the Canadian Government has lifted the ban of travel restrictions for “extended family”, so people in this extended family category can now cross the border into Canada provided they meet the eligibility requirements.  No reason is needed for extended family to come to Canada, but the application and Canadian immigration approval processes are necessary.

The new immigration from is now our top notarization request – as a BC Notary we see the family in Canada who need to take the oath or declaration using the Application for Authorization and Statutory Declaration for the Purposes of Entry into Canada for Extended Family Members COVID-19 IMM0006E Form.

Key facts and helpful information:

  • The form to fill out is identified as imm0006e and the most was most recently updated November 2020. It can be found here.**note – there is an outdated version from September that must not be used**
  • Download & Save the PDF to access and fill in the form.
  • The form may be either printed and signed or electronically signed by the extended family member from where ever in the world they are.
    • Some people have difficulty digitally signing, but they can print out and sign and send that by email back to the family in Canada.
  • BC Notaries do not administer a virtual oaths or virtual declarations — ****the family in Canada must sign and date with a pen in person with the BC Notary Public
  • Who Qualifies as an Extended Family member?

For full information on getting approval for a family member to visit you here in Canada, you can find more information and detailed instructions how to correctly complete the form on the Government of Canada Website.


Wishing many families safe and happy reunions!

Beverly Carter Notary Public

**Reminder – the signing party must be present in front of the notary.



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