Finding Success in Dealing with Foreign Documents

At Carter Notary we are experienced in documents intended for use in foreign countries. Some forms can be notarized by a Canadian Notary and go directly to the country for use.  While other documents or forms frequently need additional steps in order for them to be acceptable for use in a foreign country.  We call this authentication, legalization or Apostille.

Navigating the bureaucracy of foreign country requirements is often confusing or difficult with little or no help.  Helping yourself to understand how to get the right answers involves asking the right questions:

  1. Does the signature of the Notary need to be verified by the Attorney General of BC?
  2. Does my document need to go to a foreign embassy or consulate?
  3. Does my document need to go to Global Affairs Canada?

If you don’t know (or it is not clear), then do the following:

  • Check out the website of the institution or business which you are dealing with to see if there are any instructions.
  • Check out the website of the foreign government.
  • Contact the person you are dealing with to ask for specific requirements and instructions.
  • Check with family or friends who may have worked through the same type of forms and process.
  • Check any communications for instructions and especially identify words which are clues to further processes:
    • Legalization
    • Authentication
    • Apostille
    • Consulate or Embassy

Carter Notary can help you with getting it right if you:

  • Speak with us before setting an appointment or dropping in – – we are experienced and can ask questions to help you understand what may be needed.
  • Send us the documents you have to review.

Typical types of documents that often need legalization, authentication or Apostille include:

  • Real Estate sales or purchases or transfers
  • Powers of Attorney granting a family member authority to deal with a specific matter in the country
  • Estate or inheritance forms
  • Immigration to a foreign country
  • Working in a foreign country
  • Foreign passport applications
  • Translations

At Carter Notary our goal is to help you get the documents done in a professional and efficient manner.