2022 BC Assessments Published

2022 BC Assessments 

The 2022 B.C. Assessment are now out, assessments will be received through mail in early January. If you disagree with your assessment value being too high, you have the option to appeal the assessment. The appeal process has a tight deadline of January 31st, 2022. Generally people appeal their assessment if they believe the assessed value is too high and in-turn increasing their taxes. However, this is not always true, as a higher valuation does not necessarily mean higher taxes. Many different inputs such as the associated municipality, property value, home value, and community amenities are considered when determining an annual BC Assessment.

Assessment Information 

BC Assessment maintains real property assessments in compliance with the Assessment Act which requires that properties be assessed as of July 1st each year. To do this, BC Assessment produces assessment information annually to provide tax authorities with a tax base and other information collected about property.

Assessment Information Uses

The assessment information is the product provided to local governments and other taxing authorities containing all the information on the individual assessments, including classification and value, found within that jurisdiction.

The Purpose of Property Assessments