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Upcoming Notary Zoom Educational Series

We are taking a well-earned summer break from our Zoom & Learn series, but we will be running a new series entitled “The Death Series”. In our BC Notary world, we approach the documents related to dying so we thought it would be interesting to provide an educational series that shows other aspects on the subject of death.  Series to begin late September 2020. Dates and times to be confirmed as we finalize our guest speakers.

Anticipated topics we will explore include:

  • The Death Series: The Philosophy of Death
  • The Death Series: What Shade of Grey is Your Will?
  • The Death Series: Meet the Mortician
  • The Death Series: Insights from a Medium
  • The Death Series: Discussions with a Death Doula
  • The Death Series: Who is in Charge After You Die?
  • The Death Series: Life at All Costs

In anticipation of Make a Will Week, October 4-10, we will also host some of our Zoom & Learn basics: Powers of Attorneys, DIY vs Professional Wills, Remote Signings, and Health Representation Agreements. Dates to follow.

You can check out our previous sessions on the following personal documents below: 

  1. Real Estate with guest realtor Jane Johnston – Beverly Carter invites guest award-winning realtor Jane Johnston with The Briar Hill Group at REMAX Camosun to discuss current real estate matters. Beverly takes a candid Notary perspective on buying & selling real estate, while getting an up-to-date look at market activity in the Greater Victoria area from Jane Johnston. We’ll look at what buyers and sellers are thinking these days along with how Zoom has shifted both listing a property and buying a property.
  2. Pets in Wills – Beverly Carter Notary Public as she discusses Lucky Dogs and Fat Cats, while providing information you might find helpful on including your furry friends in your Will!
  3. Cohabitation Agreements– Cohabitation agreements in discussion with a family law lawyer, Laurel Dietz of Alinea Legal Coaching, including a notary perspective of why cohabitation agreements are important.
  4. DIY Wills, Legal Wills, and Remote Wills – Wills, DIY Wills, and current remote signing options for personal planning documents, including Powers of Attorney and Health Representation Agreements.
  5. Health Representation Agreements – What are they and why you and your loved ones need one? Beverly Carter has a passion for health documents and in particular health advocacy.  She brings her personal experiences of managing others through health care and blends with her professional experience to offer a pragmatic understanding of using the Health Representation Agreement as a tool to navigate the health care system.  In the past year, she has two published articles in The Scrivener outlining the value and importance of having a current Health Representation Agreement.  In this session, learn about what the Health Representation Agreement covers in BC and what it doesn’t, two types of Representation Agreements, who should be appointed, what is a substitute decision maker, and living wills vs. advance care directives while touching on the practical application of managing a loved one in our BC health system.
  6. Enduring Powers of Attorneys – What is an Enduring Power of Attorney and why this powerful document is necessary? Beverly Carter Notary Public will discuss the types of Powers of Attorneys, reasons why the POA is important, who can make a power of attorney, getting started, who do you appoint and qualities to consider, how many attorneys to appoint, various options to consider when appointing an attorney, and how to protect yourself.
  7. DIY Wills – The issues with Do It Yourself Will kits and the common errors people make. Beverly Carter Notary Public will discuss the downside of the DIY Wills and why having a Will         done with a professional matters in BC.  She routinely quotes a lawyer who once told her “Lawyers love home-made Wills”.  In her experience, when reviewing home-made Wills, that clients bring in, she finds that about four out of five Wills have errors and most of those are grievous errors. She will talk about the unique features of BC’s Wills, Estates, and Succession Act, general estate planning and how to prepare for making a Will.
  8. Estate and Emergency Planning Workbook – The 4th most important document to have. How many times have you dropped your phone into the toilet? Imagine all your personal info that you hold digitally or in your phone went down the toilet. How many phone numbers can you remember? How would you re-create or retrieve your lost information? What would happen with your photos stored in the cloud? What if someone had to step into your life and keep your assets safe and pay your bills? Or, what if you had to step into someone else’s life …a parent, partner, or friend … as a power of attorney or executor. Where would you start figuring out your own online life? Or someone else’s online life.

Gone are the days where people stored their information on paper – no more monthly bank statements, no more address books. No longer do people have an address book where important contacts names, addresses and phone numbers are kept. Our lives have shifted substantially to an online forum and we are brought to a sudden stop without it?

Beverly Carter used her experience from her Wills and Estates practice acting as executor and power of attorney for clients, combined with personal experience, to develop a practical workbook of personal information that would enable people to step into their own life or the life of another person. She created this workbook as a value added for her own clients in her Wills and Estate practice because there was nowhere to be found anything like this that helped for planning from various angles.

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June 19th: Cohabitation Agreements with Family Law Lawyer Laurel Dietz

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July 13th: Real Estate with guest realtor Jane Johnston