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Upcoming Notary Zoom Educational Series

Starting in October, we will be running a new series entitled “The Death Series”. In our BC Notary world, we frequently encounter documents related to dying so we thought it would be interesting to provide an exploratory series that shows other aspects on the subject of death. You can register for a session by clicking the link below!

Sign up for a session Below:
October 6th (10-11am) – Insights from a Medium
October 8th (10-11am) – What Shade of Grey is Your Will?
October 20th (10-11am) – Discussions with a Death Doula
October 21st (10-11am) – The Philosophy of Death
October 29th (10-11am) – Meet the Mortician
Date TBA – Life at all costs
Date TBA – Who is in Charge After You Die?

Topics we will explore include:

1) The Death Series: Insights from a Medium – What happens to your spirit after you die? Join us in welcoming Debra and Diana, both spiritual mediums here on Vancouver Island. This session will explore what mediumship is and how it can help people find peace when grappling with a death of a loved one.
2) The Death Series: What Shade of Grey is your Will? – Everyone needs a will at some point, but getting started with the process can seem like a daunting task. In this segment, Beverly Carter will discuss the importance of completing your will in its entirety and how to get started with the process. She will walk you through the different stages of completing your will and give you the tools needed to get this important document up to date.
3) The Death Series: Discussions with a Death Doula – What is a Death Doula? Most of us probably haven’t ever heard this term before.  Join Beverly Carter in Welcoming Linda Franchi, a certified End of Life Doula. She will discuss the current culture and origins of death and how you can support a dying loved one.
4) The Death Series: The Philosophy of Death – Join us in welcoming Nina Belmonte, PHD and Professor of Philosophy at UVIC. In this session, we will explore the meaning of death, immortality from a philosophical perspective.
5) The Death Series: Meet the Mortician – Have you ever wondered what the day in the life of a Mortician looks like? Join us in welcoming Jade Simms, a Funeral Director, Embalmer, and Cremationist at Affordable Cremation & Burial Vancouver Island. In this session, Jade will share interesting insights about his career and answer any ‘dying’ questions you may have about this industry (no pun intended!).
6) The Death Series: Life at All Costs – What happens when you or a loved one ends up in the hospital? Who makes the decisions when the concerning party is unable to? In this session, Beverly will aim to help you understand the logistics of these situations and how you can make sure you or your loved ones wishes are respected in health-related decisions.
7) The Death Series: Who is In Charge After You Die? In this session, Beverly will discuss the importance of these types of decisions,why you should be updating your will, and what executor services entail.

In anticipation of Make a Will Week, October 4-10, we will also host some of our Zoom & Learn basics: Powers of Attorneys, DIY vs Professional Wills, Remote Signings, and Health Representation Agreements.

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