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Upcoming Notary Zoom Educational Series

Stay Tuned for our upcoming Advance Care Planning Series in February 2021 – topics & dates coming soon!


You can check out our previous sessions below: 

November 21st: Pets In Wills

October 6th: The Death Series – Insights from a Medium with Spiritual Mediums Debra Doerksen & Diana Lynn

October 8th: The Death Series – What Shade of Grey is Your Will? 

October 20th: The Death Series – Discussions with a Death Doula with certified Death Doula Dr. Linda Franchi

October 21st: The Death Series – The Philosophy of Death with Professor Nina Belmonte

October 29th: The Death Series – Meet the Mortician with Funeral Director Jade Simms

April 29th & May 5th: Health Representation Agreements

May 7th & May 12th: Powers of Attorney

May 14th & May 20th: DIY Wills

May 22nd: Estate & Emergency Planning Workbook

June 16th: DIY Wills, Legal Wills, and Remote Wills

June 19th: Cohabitation Agreements with Family Law Lawyer Laurel Dietz

July 9th: Pets in Wills

July 13th: Real Estate with guest realtor Jane Johnston