Wills & Powers of Attorney

Important Information about Wills and Powers of Attorney.

As a Notary Public in BC, we prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney for our clients. We are frequently asked to witness self-made Wills or Powers of Attorney. Obtaining these are easy through third party websites whose only interest is to sell a generic product. Homemade or DIY legal documents are high in errors due to lack of legal knowledge. BC has unique features in its laws and it is incredibly important to make these documents with a trusted legal professional who can understand your particular family and circumstance. As these are such significant documents in a person’s life, we only prepare and witness our own documents. See our Will Questionnaire.

We only do Notary services for the following:

  1. Attorney signings for Powers of Attorney
  2. International Powers of Attorney
  3. Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements where you are represented by an existing legal professional who has prepared the documents and reviewed them with you. In select situations we make act as an agent for the Notary or lawyer. **We must agree prior to booking any of these appointments and communicate with your legal representative.
  4. We do not ever sign Canadian DIY, homemade, or online (lawdepot) Wills, Powers of Attorney, or Representation Agreements.

Interested in learning more about DIY Wills, legal Wills, and remote signing? See our webinar here. 

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