COVID Procedures for Notarizations

For the safety of our clients and staff, we are limiting the number of people allowed in our office at a given time. To follow provincial protocols, only ONE client ‘bubble’ will be allowed inside at one time. We ask that all clients wear a mask and only those signing come inside. If you are more comfortable signing outside, we can also sign with you while you sit in your car.

  • When you arrive, please knock on the door, or call us at (250) – 383 – 4100 to let us know you are here.
  • A staff member will greet you at the door to collect 2 pieces of IDs (see accepted ID) and your documents.
  • You will be given a client in-take form to fill out, as well as a buzzer to notify you when it is your time to come inside.
  • When ready, you will come in to sign your documents in front of the Notary.
  • Surfaces are thoroughly sanitized between clients and plexi glass has been installed at all counters

Questions regarding our arrival check-in process, feel free to email us at

Have questions? Chat with us via virtual chat, phone or email.