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Zoom & Learn: Pets In Wills

On November 20th & 21st, Beverly Carter will be hosting a Pets In Wills Zoom & Learn Session. Topics covered in this session include why people put pets in Wills, the differences between animals and pets in Wills, factors to consider when putting a pet in your Will, as well as the average cost of owning a pet over its lifetime. Beverly also discusses how to gift in a Will (pets, animals, people, organization) as well as the different ways to gift, differences between a gift and trust, and example clauses that can be used in Wills.

We know our clients have busy schedules! To accommodate, Pets In Wills will be offered on 2 dates in November. Pick a date below and sign up for a session:

Session #1: Friday November 20th – 10am. Sign up HERE.
Session #2: Saturday November 21st – 10am. Sign up HERE

Sessions will be streamed via Facebook Live & will be available on YouTube afterwards.