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Will Questionnaire

Get Ready to Make Your Will

We have developed this questionnaire to help our clients get started with their estate planning.  When we meet, this form will guide us through the various topics we need to cover to make the right Will for you.

Our clients appreciate the Will Questionnaire as it gives a chance to think through the important areas of a Last Will and Testament — such as:

  1. Who to appoint as Executor
  2. Which Guardian to Choose for Young Children
  3. How much to leave to Beneficiaries
  4. Special Gifts
  5. What are peoples legal names and addresses.

The form makes the process of making a Will less stressful by capturing a lot of ‘top of mind’ information.  Please find below the Questionnaire which is easily downloaded.

I am an experienced, compassionate Notary in Victoria who loves my Wills and Estates practice.  I look forward to meeting with you and getting to know you soon.

 Click here: Will Questionnaire

***PLEASE NOTE: We ask that all Completed Will Questionnaires be returned to us at least 48 hours before your appointment with the Notary.***

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