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Notary Public Services

Drop In or Appointments for Notarizing Documents
You may choose a regular drop in times for getting a document notarized or make an appointment.  Not all documents are the same, and some may require more time or have additional requirements.  Your time matters to us and we ask that you call and/or send us documents in advance (if possible) to avoid any delays or to allow us to set an appointment to meet your needs.

2 Pieces of ID
Please bring 2 pieces of government ID. One of these ID’s must have your photo. Examples of government issued ID include Driver’s License, Nexus, Passport, SIN card, or Health Care card

Types of Documents Requiring Notarization
Notarizing documents is the core specialty of a Notary Public. There are thousands of variations of documents that require Notary services to help you finish and make valid. Some of the reasons for you to see a Notary for notarizing includes, but is not limited to:

International Documents Requiring Notarization
People need to send and receive documents from all over the world. International documents are a special category. In order to prove the authenticity of documents foreign governments have specific requirements from our BC and Canadian governments for the documents to be valid in other parts of the world. This process can be lengthy and a Notary is a central part of that process.

Note that in many other countries the term “Apostille” is used for this process, however, in British Columbia we use the term “authentication” for notarizing documents for international acceptance.

Examples of documents requiring the Authentication or “Apostille” include, but are not limited to: