Estate Services – Notary as Power of Attorney

We offer Notary appointed attorney services.

An attorney is an individual or individual(s) appointed to act on your behalf should you become mentally or physically incapable.

It gives them power to act on your behalf for your personal financial and legal affairs. It is important to appoint someone you trust with the necessary skills to manage your financial and legal matters.

Being appointed as an Attorney may be considered an honour, however, managing someone’s financial and legal affairs can take substantial time and requires a high level of responsibility. More people are looking to a professional to act an as attorney because it can be additionally stressful on loved ones. Having a neutral person act can minimize family dynamics or potential conflict.

Our Notary Attorney Services

Appointing a professional as your Attorney can make it easier on you and your loved ones. If you would like to consider appointing Beverly Carter as an Attorney or Alternate Attorney, please set up a consultation appointment so we can meet and review your situation.

  • Someone you trust.
  • Someone competent of managing the administrative and financial parts of your Estate.
  • Someone who is objective and can negotiate or deal with potential family dynamics.
  • Someone who has financial resources to pay for some expenses up front (to be reimbursed later).
  • Someone who has time.
  • Someone who has knowledge of legal and tax matters.
  • Someone who is younger and likely to survive you.

Being appointed as an Attorney may be considered an honor, but it requires a high level of responsibility, knowledge, and time. Many individuals appoint their family members and friends, but this may not always be the best option. You need to choose someone you trust and who has the necessary qualities and skills required to step in and act on your behalf. More people are turning to a professional to manage their affairs upon temporary or permanent incapacity to reduce stress not only on themselves, but also on family members and friends.

Here are some key benefits for appointing a professional Attorney:

Personal Responsibility and Stress
Being an Attorney is a serious responsibility and may be a burden on the appointed person(s). Professionals hold liability insurance which removes personal liability that an individual might incur due to scenarios such as: error in management, or the improper documentation of financial decisions made by an attorney. Some estates may not have much liquid cash available to pay expenses so attorneys may be required to support some aspects of the Estate financially until funds are available to be reimbursed. Professionals are aware of the potential financial and time requirements that are needed when acting as an attorney.

Estate Specialist
While acting as a Power of Attorney may seem straight forward and simple, the complexity of people’s families and finances may require more knowledge in the areas of property, financial, and legal affairs. Professionals are well versed in the necessary duties and responsibilities and understand how to navigate financial and legal bureaucracy. They are knowledgeable and competent, neutral individuals who know how to manage the financial and legal aspects of your Estate.

Neutral Third Party
Unfortunately, family dynamics and conflicts may exist and be emphasized as a result of a person’s declining health or unexpected incapacity, causing the potential to complicate the management of your financial and legal affairs. Professional Executors are trained in mediation and remain objective, impartial and fair. Additionally, a professional is not in a position for conflict of interest. An unbiased third party can often be an invaluable resource in managing those potential tensions.

Compassionate and Caring
Professional attorneys are very aware that your loved ones may be experiencing stress, and uncertainty. They are dedicated to preserve the dignity and respect of the incapacitated individual, while maintaining professionalism in their duties and responsibilities. They frequently develop a personal connection with your family.

When choosing an individual, such as a family member or friend, to act as your Attorney, that individual may not have the necessary skill sets, time, or be willing or available to act when they are called to do so. Appointing a professional to act as your Attorney ensures there is someone suitable to step in and accept the role when the time comes. A professional attorney has integrity and authenticity and understands the need to be available. It can be difficult for attorneys to act if they live in or move to another province or country.

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If you need further information or you would like to discuss appointing Beverly Carter Notary Public as your Attorney, please contact our office to set up a consultation appointment so we can meet and review situation.

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