Estate Services – Notary as Executor

We offer Notary appointed executor services.

An Executor is an individual who is responsible for carrying out the instructions in your Will.

They will look after the administration, transfer the gifts and inheritances to your beneficiaries, and wind up your Estate. Your Executor should be someone you trust and have the necessary skills to manage the financials, people (beneficiaries) and practical aspects of your estate. You may appoint anyone over the age of 19 to act as your Executor.

Being appointed as an Executor may be considered an honour, however, executing an Estate can take substantial time and requires a high level of responsibility. More and more people are looking to a professional to manage their Estate upon death because it can be additionally stressful on loved ones during a time of grief. Also, if there is family conflict, having a neutral person can minimize dynamics or conflict.

An Estate may seem simple but can easily become complex. In British Columbia, there is a rise of Will disputes. And while the Will may be simple and straightforward, the complexity of people’s lives may attract a Will dispute and Estate litigation around what assets are included in the Estate. Common scenarios include: whether beneficiaries received additional benefits or gifts during their life, an overall unfair financial distribution, disinheriting, unequal gifting, blended families, and second marriages and spouses.

Our Notary Executor Services

  • Arrange for your cremation or burial and a memorial service for your circle of friends and loved ones.  **as per your instructions to us
  • Place an obituary in the local newspaper. **as per your instructions to us
  • Secure and inventory all items in your home.
  • Arrange to remove all furnishings from your home and have it thoroughly cleaned.**as per your instructions to us
  • Notify relatives and beneficiaries in the will of your death.
  • Apply for probate and administer the estate until it is time for distribution.
  • File your personal and corporate tax returns and obtain clearance certificates.
  • Liquidate and de-register any corporate holdings, if applicable.
  • Manage any trusts created in your Will.
  • Act as mediator should any conflicts arise as a result of your wishes.
  • Provide detailed accounting reports to residual beneficiaries.
  • Pay all debts, testamentary expenses, legacies and finally, distribute the balance of the estate.
  • Someone you trust.
  • Someone competent of managing the administrative and financial parts of your Estate.
  • Someone who is objective and can negotiate or deal with potential family dynamics.
  • Someone who has financial resources to pay for some expenses up front (to be reimbursed later).
  • Someone who has time.
  • Someone who has knowledge of legal and tax matters.
  • Someone who is younger and likely to survive you.

Being appointed as an Executor may be considered an honour, however, executing an Estate can take substantial time and requires a high level of responsibility and knowledge. More people are turning to a professional to manage their Estate upon death to reduce stress on loved ones during a time of grief and preserve family relationships.

Here are some key benefits for appointing a professional Executor:

  • Personal Responsibility and Stress: Being Executor is a serious responsibility and may be a burden on the appointed person. Professionals hold liability insurance which removes personal liability that an individual might incur potentially from an error in the Estate or for other reasons. Some estates may not have much liquid cash available to pay expenses so individuals may be required to support some aspects of the Estate financially until funds are available to be reimbursed. Professionals are aware of the potential financial and time requirements that are needed in an Estate. It is estimated an average Estate (i.e. house, bank accounts, cars) can take a total of approximately 21 days to complete when all the time is added together.
  • Estate Specialist: While a Will may be simple and straightforward, the complexity of people’s families and finances may require more knowledge in the areas of property and taxes. Additionally, the Estate may attract a Will dispute. Professional Executors are knowledgeable and competent, neutral individuals who know how to administer the financial and legal aspects of your Estate.
  • Neutral Third Party: Unfortunately, family dynamics and conflicts may exist and be emphasized as a result of a person’s death, causing the potential to complicate the administration of your Estate. Professional Executors are trained in mediation and remain objective, impartial and fair to negotiate and manage Estate issues. Additionally, a professional is not in a position for conflict of interest.

For example, if a second spouse were named as both Executor and beneficiary, where the step-kids disagree with the terms of the Will and estate distribution, that individual would be in a conflict of interest to defend both the estate and their personal interest in their own inheritance.

  1. Compassionate and Caring: Professional executors are very aware that your loved ones may be experiencing stress and grief. They are dedicated to preserve the dignity and respect of the deceased person, while maintaining professionalism in their duties and responsibilities. They frequently develop a personal connection with your family and beneficiaries.
  2. Trustworthy: When choosing an individual (family member or friend) to act as your Executor, that individual may not have the necessary skill sets, time, or be willing or available to act when they are called to do so. Appointing a professional to act as your Executor ensures there is someone suitable to step in and accept the role when the time comes. A professional executor has integrity and authenticity and understands the need to be available.

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