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Notary Services for USA Documents

* USA Consulate in Vancouver open for mail-in services. 

Detailed US Vancouver Consulate Mail-in Process – PDF 

**US Consulate October 2020 Most Recent Update:  The bank draft payable to The US Consulate, Vancouver General must not be from a banking institution which uses Western Union -or this will cause delays. Most credit unions use Western Union, so it is typically best to go to a major bank like TD. Check with your financial institution prior to having the bank draft prepared.

Notary Registered with US Consulate in Vancouver

As a Canadian Notary Public, I help hundreds of American and non-American citizens with their US documents.  If you work, teach, study, invest, are a citizen, have family ties, or do business in the USA, odds are that you’ll need to provide Canadian documentation to USA authorities for formal processing and legalization.

Notary Legalization, Authentication, Apostille

The legalization process is called “Authentication” or “Apostille” in different places.  Legalizing is often pre-requisite for many USA documents to be considered valid in the US.  The first step is notarizing the document here in Victoria.  The next step is getting the US Consulate in Vancouver approval ‘authenticating’ my status as a recognized Notary in BC able to deal with US documents.  You, or someone representing you, will need to set an appointment with the consulate and physically go to Vancouver.

Notarized Documents are Different for Every State

Documents vary in theme, scope, requirements, length, and people or institutions involved.  Often documents are complex and bureaucratic.  They are not clear or easy to understand.  My experience with notarizing USA documents will help you to have a more successful experience

**Prior to coming into our office, we ask that you get written directions on the specific requirements from the institution or business requiring the documents. **

US Consulate Vancouver Appointments

Find out from the agency you’re dealing with if your documents require additional ‘authentication’ at the Consulate, because not all documents need to go to the Consulate.  For documents requiring Consular authentication – make your appointment ASAP – see link below.  Caution: Getting an appointment may take some time – plan on a minimum of a week.

Especially Important – Get Your Documents ASAP

We emphasize the importance to get documents far in advance to allow maximum timing for documents to go through all processes

  1. Notarize document in Victoria
  2. Authenticate or legalize at the US Consulate in Vancouver **if required
  3. Return original documents to the United States

Common documents requiring legalization for use in the USA are:

  • International Powers of Attorney and Property Transfers
  • Identification, Passport, Visa and Citizenship Papers
  • Birth Certificates for Destination Weddings
  • Death, Wills and Probate Documents
  • Police Certificates and Driving records & abstracts
  • Notarizations, Witnesses, and Declarations
  • Corporate Records and Commercial Documents
  • School and Post-Secondary Diplomas, Degrees and Academic Transcripts
  • Documents in support of Visa applications
  • Certified True Copies and Notarizations of Other Important Documents


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