Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 7-13, 2019 is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we love being involved with our community.

Wonder Woman one day, Cat Woman the next.  Who knew that mild mannered Vicky, notary assistant by day, turns into a Superhero at night!  Here’s a Superhero shout out to the Superheroes of Victoria where Vicky spends some quality and fun time helping to bring fun and joy to people who are combatting some difficult times in their life.

Vicky regularly steps out with the Superheroes of Victoria.  As a volunteer group, the Superheroes are a resource for charitable organizations who can call upon them to attend events and support fundraising efforts – all while sporting superhero costumes.  Vicky’s super power includes the ability to look and act the part of a Superhero, but also put the finishing touches on others.

The Superheroes pitched a fundraising idea to the Help Fill a Dream Foundation (HFADF).  And now, for the second year in a row, the Superheroes of Victoria, have teamed up with the Foundation where the end goal is to create a calendar that features eleven amazing kids who’ve have not only demonstrated strength and courage while battling their illness, chronic pain or other health challenges, but who stand out in their own right.  These kids show a compassion and drive in their own missions to help make their communities a better place.  A twelfth month is dedicated to a community organization that embodies the values of the Help Fill a Dream Foundation.

The kids apply for the opportunity to shine on one of the calendar months.  After being selected, they become a “Junior Superhero – the Superheroes work with the kids who select their own ‘Alter-ego’.  The volunteer group creates a whole experience where the Junior Superhero receives Hollywood style treatment, a photo shoot, starring role in a calendar, and a ‘Superheroes for the Day’ launch party.  Craig Smith, executive director of Help Fill A Dream Foundation says, “[The calendar] allows parents and kids that are involved to see themselves in a different light … it allows them to not be hindered or hampered by anything else that’s going on in their lives. They’re bigger than their health or medical condition.”

The aim this year is to raise $30,000.00 with the sale of the calendar, enough to provide funds to fulfil three dreams for Vancouver Island children.  The production of the calendar is ambitious, but the dedicated Superheroes flex their muscles, imagination, and special talents to make it all come true.  In addition to helping select the new Junior Superheroes, Vicky works on the set, and ultimately puts her photo and technical editing skills to develop each child’s final calendar image.

On November 3rd, 2018, our office had the pleasure to support Vicky and the Help Fill a Dream Foundation launch of the calendar.  It was a formal event to honour both the children and their families.  The final images were top secret until the launch – each child or family member shared some special words about their own particular journey.  When asked about her own efforts, Vicky observes, “Watching the joy on the children’s expression as they see their image for the first time is a perfect reminder of why volunteering is so important. The opportunity to give to someone experiencing hardship and being able to lift their spirits is so rewarding.”

Not only is Vicky, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, or any Superhero she wants to be, she’s a Superhero every single day.  Her values and attitudes toward helping others apply just as much in her day to day activities in the Notary Public office as it does outside working hours.  Always bright, cheerful, and smiling.  Always willing to step up and go above and beyond.  And, always giving.  Here’s a shout out to Vicky who is a Superhero in her own right.

Victoria Helmink is an assistant to Beverly Carter Notary Public, in Victoria, BC, where she’s worked for over three years.

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