Planning Your Estate Over the Holidays

The awkward financial topic your family should discuss this holiday season – The Globe and Mail

The holiday season is an excellent time to connect with family and friends and relax. Many of us relax and step back from work, school, or other obligations.

This time of year is also a great opportunity to sit down and have a chat with your loved ones about estate planning. Talking about estate planning allows for an opportunity to clarify your wishes, and to speak with your executor and beneficiaries. It also helps to understand if your will is up-to-date, or if you need a new will.

In the long run, it is far more uncomfortable and stressful to deal with the estate of a loved one if they left no instructions or information behind. That’s why it is important to set aside time to plan and organize your information.

Please see the attached article from The Globe and Mail (Rob Carrick) and follow some of the great thoughts provided by Mr. Edey about estate planning during the holidays.


Happy holidays from The Carter Notary Team!