May Giveaway Winners

We would like to take the time to acknowledge both our May Newsletter giveaway winners.

Congratulations to Sharon for winning the Wes-Tec Irrigation prize and Angela for winning the Clean House Exterior service.

We would also like to share Angela’s winning comment for being the most creative.

“We have a Boston Beagle. Wikipedia says they are excellent hunting dogs. We should have read Wikipedia first before we fell in love with her and brought her home to (try) and co-exist with our neighborhood deer. She feels that mashing her nose against all our windows will get her just a little closer to those deer in our yard. It doesn’t. But it does make a mess of our windows. Now this doesn’t sound like an exterior window problem until you factor in her cuteness. The kids (and adults; cough, cough) like to boop her nose from the outside of the windows, leading to fingerprints on every, single window she can get to! THAT’S why we would be the perfect candidates for window cleaning from Clean House Exteriors! And they can meet the dog:)”

Angela was also kind enough to share a photo of her Boston Beagle who loves to mash her nose against the window.









Thank you to everyone who entered and good luck with next month’s giveaway.