Notary Open Saturdays!

Beverly Carter Notary Public now offers drop-in hours on Saturdays for notarizations and authentications of documents. This Saturday, June 25 we are open from 10 am – 4 pm and will be happy to accommodate your notarization needs. Check out Carter Notary’s book online for other times and general availability. By booking online your reserve your spot (similar to a restaurant). Multiple documents or other complex forms may need to be booked separately to allow us time to review and sign documents and meet client needs. If you’re uncertain call our office at 250-383-4100.

Summer Solstice

Beverly Carter and The Notary Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Summer Solstice. With it finally being the first official day of summer, we hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy some time in the sun today.

During this summer day, Beverly Carter Notary Public is still happy to provide you with all your Notarization needs.

June Giveaway Winners

We would like to take the time to acknowledge all three of Carter Notary’s June Newsletter giveaway winners.

Congratulations to Mel for winning the summer care package prize along with Teresa and Linda for winning the $50 gift cards to Lustre of Pearl – Hair and Beauty Salon.


All the winners were kind enough to let us share their impulsive winning comments with you.

Mel: “If I won this, it would be for my daughter, who has never (EVER) had any type of impulsive beauty experience. She is 19 and pretty shy.  She really does need a beauty experience … not because she needs beauty (lol! – to me, she is absolutely gorgeous!!), but because she needs attention and pampering! I want her to know that self-care is really important – and that it’s okay to allow yourself some glamour once in a while! She tends to focus on others, and is the person who tells everyone how nice they look, or compliments their hair or style, but rarely feels like a part of the group herself. I think the privacy of the services at Lustre of Pearl, and the whole vibe given on their website, is 100% the right place for her to experience a fresh look and some self-love!”

Teresa: “I have two good ones for ya!!! I thought I would try a sample package of exfoliating glycolic peel… got home, washed my face, applied said product! What resulted was a ‘FIRE ENGINE RED” screaming rash that raged across my entire face! It was a Sunday afternoon, so after washing it all off, I left it alone in hopes that by the time I got to work on Monday morning it would be gone! I work in an elementary school and the kids definitely noticed! I lied and told them it was a sun burn! Story # 2 was that when I was in my teens, I tried a home henna product and turned my hair camouflage-green! Learning the lesson slowly that you should NOT TRY THESE THINGS AT HOME! go to the professionals! Thanks! Teresa”

Linda: “I let my daughter wax my eyebrows and, well, let’s just say she got a bit over zealous and took more than we bargained for. The look of horror on her face when she realized what she had done was priceless and I couldn’t be mad because after all she is my daughter and I love her. My poor eyebrows have never been the same. 😌”

Thank you to everyone who entered and good luck with next month’s Carter Notary giveaway which will be “The Ice Cream Trail”.

Happy Father’s Day

Beverly Carter and the Notary Team would like to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.

We understand the responsibility that is put on you when becoming a father. Therefore, we just wanted to take the time and thank all the fathers around the world for all the hard work they have done for their children.

Photos from our Open House

We would first like to thank everyone who had come out to our open house on Saturday, June 11th. It was great to see all our friends, family and clients who took the time out of their days to join us at this exciting event. Without you choosing us for your notarization needs, we would never have been able to accomplish this goal of expanding. For those of you who were unable to make it, here is what you missed along with some photos to enjoy.

-A great speech and ribbon cutting by Beverly Carter and John Wilson the Chair of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Wilson’s Transportation.

-Some amazing Hazel’s Ice Cream that everyone seemed to love. Especially the Razzle Dazzle.

-A tour of the office and some fun social time afterwards.

-Some delicious chocolate and vanilla cake.

Overall, the open house was a great success, and we appreciate everyone who was able to come and help us celebrate our business’s physical expansion and Victoria Helmink’s Commission as a BC Notary Public.

Beverly Carter Notary Public, John Wilson Ribbon Cutting VideoBeverly Carter Notary Public, John Wilson Ribbon Cutting Video

Congratulations Vicky!!!!!!

Victoria Helmink was commissioned June 2 in the BC Supreme Court as a BC Notary. As part of becoming a Notary, she also earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Legal Studies from SFU. She will continue to work with Beverly as a staff Notary. Her family, friends and the Notary Team are all so thrilled with her accomplishments. We all congratulate Vicky on her success and new role.

It is truly amazing to see Vicky complete her 7-year journey of becoming a Notary and now open a new chapter of her life.

Vicky’s mother, grandmother and Beverly all attended a heartwarming intimate ceremony in the Vancouver Supreme Court. As Vicky and 24 of her cohorts were sworn in by the Chief Justice.

With there being a new second notary, our office hours can now be extended. Our new drop-in hours will be from 8:30-5. Vicky and the Notary Team are looking to help you with your notarization needs so feel free to book an appointment at

Open House June 11th

Come celebrate our new office expansion along with our staff Vicky Helmink being commissioned as a Notary Public in the BC Supreme Court. Enjoy some Hazel’s Ice Cream while you are here.

Travelling with minors – Summer Travel Tips

As our lives are freeing up and getting back to normal, we are (happily) seeing more parents coming into our Notary office to get child travel consent letters signed. These consent letters demonstrate that a child (minor) has permission to travel outside Canada away from a parent or legal guardian who is not accompanying them. Typically, the child is travelling by a car to the USA or by plane to many places in the world.

Common scenarios we see are where one parent is travelling but the other is not. However, the minor child may be travelling without both parents. Or they may be flying on their own. They may also be part of a sports team leaving to get training or play in tournaments. The signed travel consent document may be carried by the child, adult, or coach.

It is normal that children don’t always have the last name of one or both their parents. They may have a double barreled or hyphenated name.  There is now also a trend to name children who have neither parent’s last name.

While the last name is always important to check, it is also important to not forget about middle names in legal documents. For example, proof of vaccine has become a strong travel requirement. There may be a name shown on the original vaccine documentation that is different from the legal passport.  A child may have the legal name Naomi May Lillian Bernstein. However, the vaccine passport may only show three names such as Naomi May Bernstein. While this is the same person, the documents don’t line up and match.

When travelling Beverly recommends these tips to ensure the child is as prepared as possible:

  1. Check travel passport against other relevant documents for various versions of the child’s name.
  2. If the names are not the same between the passport and vaccine documents, consider an affidavit or a written statement explaining the name variation along with supporting information such as: passport, citizenship, PR, birth certificates, etc.
  3. Check the rules in the country where the child is travelling to for that country’s proof of vaccine requirements.
  4. Have the parent sign the travel consent letter 2-4 weeks before travelling.
  5. Download a scanned version of that signed consent letter onto the phone of the child and the person they are authorized to travel with.
  6. Travel with a scanned copy of the child’s birth certificate showing the parents’ full legal names.
  7. Travel with copies of any custody or guardianship documents.
  8. Where a parent is deceased, take a copy of the deceased parent’s death certificate.

Happy and safe summer travels from Beverly Carter and the Notary Team

For more detail on Child Consent Letters Click Here

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from Beverly Carter and the Notary Team!
Being a Notary company we have experience with lots of different international documents. This is why we would like to take the chance and thank our wonderful American clients who choose us for their notary needs. If you need help with any notarizations feel free to reach out to us at
We hope everyone has an amazing day.

Homeowner Grants 2022

Homeowner Grants

Applying for your homeowner grant will look a little different compared to 2020. Starting in 2021, all homeowner grant applications will be done directly through the BC Government using their new online portal. Applications are no longer filed through your local municipality; however, you will still receive the homeowner grant application information along with your notice in May 2022. This change from the BC Government was put into effect in 2021.

As a home owner, our Notary, Beverly Carter, decided to test out the process online and surprisingly thought it was easy! Here are some tips that she thinks will make it easier for other home owners, especially help to better understand the numbering system on your tax notice.

Here is what you need to know about the changes:

  • You may apply for your homeowner grant now but it will not be processed until after tax notices have been mailed out.
  • BC Government dedicated online portal to apply is here:
  • For people who do not have computer access, the Homeowner Grant Applications may also be done over the phone or at select Service BC centres.
  • To apply online you need to have your property information. We have listed below the jurisdiction numbers for the Greater Victoria and South Vancouver Island area:
    • Jurisdiction Number
  • Central Saanich: 302
  • Oak Bay: 317
  • Colwood: 213
  • Saanich (SD61): 308
  • Duncan: 207
  • Saanich (SD62): 389
  • Esquimalt: 307
  • Saanich (SD63): 309
  • Gulf Island Rural: 764
  • Sidney: 476
  • Gulf Islands Rural: 763
  • Sooke: 349
  • Highlands (SD61): 361
  • Victoria Rural: 761
  • Highlands (SD62): 362
  • Victoria Rural: 762
  • Highlands (SD63): 363
  • Victoria: 234
  • Langford: 327
  • View Royal (SD61): 401
  • Metchosin: 344
  • View Royal (SD62): 402
  • North Saanich: 332
  • Roll Number/Folio Number. It can be found on your tax notice, or on the BC Assessment property search website.
  • Social Insurance Number


After you Apply

  • Save your confirmation number. Note: it will also be emailed to you.
  • You can check your application status on the BC Government’s website using your confirmation number here:

Additional Information Regarding Homeowner Grants

  • For full grant eligibility your property must be assessed under $1,625,000
  • For properties assessed between $1,625,000 and $1,739,000, a partial grant is available *rural properties have a different value
  • Capital Regional District (CRD), Metro Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley
    • Basic grant $570
    • Seniors/Veteran/Person with Disabilities: $845
  • All other areas of the province:
    • Basic grant: $770
    • Seniors/Veteran/Person with Disabilities: $1045
  • Missed claiming your 2020 Homeowner grant application?
  • Property taxes are always due the 1st business Tuesday of every July
  • Not sure where to locate your property’s jurisdiction or folio number? See the image below to see how you can locate them on BC Assessment’s website.




Q1: How will I know my homeowner grant has been applied?

A1: You can check the status of your application by calling an agent who will be able to look up your account and let you know if your homeowner grant has been applied to your account.

To speak with an agent you can call 250-387-0555 or toll-free at 1-888-355-2700.


Q2: What amount do I pay on my tax notice?

A2: The only change to homeowner grants is how you apply. Instead of applying through your municipality you apply directly through the province.

When you receive your property tax notice, you will see three distinct columns with calculated taxes for different eligibilities. Column A- not eligible for the grant, Column B –eligible for the regular grant, and Column C – seniors/additional grants.

For example, if you qualify for the Homeowner Grant, you will pay the amount calculated for Column B.


Q3: Will the BC Government send me a cheque for the amount of my homeowner grant?

A3: No cheque will be sent for the homeowner grant. You pay the tax owing in either column A, B, or C (depending on your eligibility) before the property tax due date. If you are eligible and applied for the homeowner grant, you will pay Column B’s calculated amount which factors in the homeowner grant.

If you pay for the full amount (Column A) but qualify for the homeowner grant you may apply for a refund. You must speak with an agent by calling 250-387-0555. Only then will a cheque be administered in the mail once the refund process is complete.


Q4: Is it better to wait to get my tax notice to do this?

A4: Yes, you should wait to receive your notice before applying for the grant. Applications will not be processed until after tax notices have been sent out.


Q5: Should I claim the grant if I am selling my house?

A5: Generally, yes. However, if your house has a firm contract for sale and/or is very close to your completion date (the day the legal transfer of ownership takes place) then check with your Notary Public or lawyer first.


Q6: Should I claim the grant if I am purchasing a house?

A6: You cannot claim before you own a house. Discuss this with your Notary Public or lawyer as the homeowner grant may have already been claimed by a seller of the property.


Q7: What is the difference between the Capital Regional District and Capital Assessment Area?

A7: The Capital Regional District includes the 13 municipalities that make up Greater Victoria. These areas have a basic amount of $570.

Capital Assessment Area: they are the rural areas of the province overseen by the Ministry of Finance for tax purposes. They are the areas qualify for the higher grant of $770.


Q8: Are there any tips you think we should pass along?

A8: If you unsure about the new application process, you can speak with a representative at 250-387-0555 who will be happy to help you through the application process. And of course, do not forget to pay your taxes on time!

Application Process at a Glance – PDF