Remember when… We had ice cream values

I had the pleasure of spending the last week with my dear friend Sharon from Germany. One of our conversations was about struggling with a difficult or tumultuous time and how to simply get out of that state. Sharon shared with me the simple concept of “remembering when” to help a person get back to a time of happiness and joy in life. In essence, we re-set our brains. The experience of ice cream holds much dear to me and is how our “remember when” talk inspired me to feature local ice cream businesses.

Twenty years ago, I owned the Fairfield Sidewalk Café where we served 16 flavours of Island Farms ice cream. Think Moose Tracks, Bubblegum or Tiger Tiger! Every year from May through August I welcomed familiar smiling faces of families, couples, and children. The cafe was a neighbourhood institution, yet it attracted people from much further as they enjoyed their evening drives along Dallas Road and stopped for ice cream along the way. Life was slightly slower 20 years ago but not that much. The main difference was we didn’t have smartphones or entertainment devices that took us away from the present. Social media wasn’t a constant barrage of potentially useless or negative information filled with opinions based on who knows what. Our conversations around ice cream were fun, engaging, and present.


When I look even further back into my life, I recall in my early 20s the overwhelming negativity that was coming at me through traditional news sources. I realized my spirit couldn’t handle this constant bombardment, so I cancelled cable, stopped the newspaper, and turned off the radio. Almost immediately I brightened up and began to feel more positive and optimistic. What I did then would be today’s equivalent of a digital detox.


In remembering all the people who came for ice cream it was clear we were always in the moment and present with each other. Kind words or a sense of fun were the mainstays of ice cream chat.  Only recently did I learn of an assisted living facility where Friday ice cream night was dropped by new management in an effort to change things up. The connection and comradery that people had with each other were under assault. I’m told that for months the residents held Friday’s dessert night strike! (I presume) in management’s thought process they tried to be new and innovative however, failed to understand what was relevant. I scream, you scream, (the residents) all scream for ice cream.


The stories I have heard, the experiences I have gone through and the conversation with Sharon pair very well with my notion of ice cream values. In my mind, ice cream values are:

  1. Taking time to slow down
  2. Eliminate negative stimulus
  3. Be present
  4. Change your mental focus to allow a happier experience and time in your life.

Our world has been experiencing unique times and so if there’s any message I can offer it is to adopt ice cream values. I see people on a daily basis who are experiencing stress and challenges due to events that they cannot control so I think embracing some ice cream values becomes a way to focus on the positive in our lives and perhaps rebuild relationships that have changed. My focus for the Think Local this month is ice cream and we’ve created “The Ice Cream Trail” checklist of South Island handcrafted ice cream and treats locations for you to download. Go out and explore all the ice cream locations around town. Better yet invite someone along to share. I wish you renewed optimism and a sense of fun on your ice cream adventures!

Finding Success in Dealing with Foreign Documents

At Carter Notary we are experienced in documents intended for use in foreign countries. Some forms can be notarized by a Canadian Notary and go directly to the country for use.  While other documents or forms frequently need additional steps in order for them to be acceptable for use in a foreign country.  We call this authentication, legalization or Apostille.

Navigating the bureaucracy of foreign country requirements is often confusing or difficult with little or no help.  Helping yourself to understand how to get the right answers involves asking the right questions:

  1. Does the signature of the Notary need to be verified by the Attorney General of BC?
  2. Does my document need to go to a foreign embassy or consulate?
  3. Does my document need to go to Global Affairs Canada?

If you don’t know (or it is not clear), then do the following:

  • Check out the website of the institution or business which you are dealing with to see if there are any instructions.
  • Check out the website of the foreign government.
  • Contact the person you are dealing with to ask for specific requirements and instructions.
  • Check with family or friends who may have worked through the same type of forms and process.
  • Check any communications for instructions and especially identify words which are clues to further processes:
    • Legalization
    • Authentication
    • Apostille
    • Consulate or Embassy

Carter Notary can help you with getting it right if you:

  • Speak with us before setting an appointment or dropping in – – we are experienced and can ask questions to help you understand what may be needed.
  • Send us the documents you have to review.

Typical types of documents that often need legalization, authentication or Apostille include:

  • Real Estate sales or purchases or transfers
  • Powers of Attorney granting a family member authority to deal with a specific matter in the country
  • Estate or inheritance forms
  • Immigration to a foreign country
  • Working in a foreign country
  • Foreign passport applications
  • Translations

At Carter Notary our goal is to help you get the documents done in a professional and efficient manner.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from Beverly Carter and the Notary Team!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. Being a Notary company, we have experience with lots of different documents from all over the world, especially those from the United States of America. Therefore, we would like to take the chance and thank our amazing American clients who choose us for their notary needs.  If you wish to book an appointment you can do so at If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at

We hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Canada Day Surprise

All the staff were greeted with a red and white Canada Day Gift Bag this morning. Beverly is very passionate about Canada and wanted to share that passion with her staff. We are looking forward to enjoying Canada Day this weekend with our new treats from Bev.

Thank You, Beverly!

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day from Beverly Carter and the Notary Team!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. We hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy their day. We would like to remind everyone that we are closed on Canada Day but we will be happy to accommodate your notary needs Monday morning. If you wish to book an appointment you can do so at If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at

We hope everyone has an amazing day.

Happy Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Happy Canadian Multiculturalism Day from Beverly Carter and the Notary Team! With Canada being such a diverse country, our Notary company has had the chance to experience lots of different international documents. Therefore, we would like to take the time and appreciate all our clients that come in from different cultural backgrounds that choose us for their notary needs. If you need help with any foreign documents and notarizations please feel free to give us a call.

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Today is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day and Beverly Carter and the Notary Team want to appreciate our Office Puppies that are always helping us with our work. All the staff love having our helpers in the office because it gives us that extra boost to get through the day. Abby and Sumo even got a fresh grooming so they can look extra good for their picture today.

Notary Open Saturdays!

Beverly Carter Notary Public now offers drop-in hours on Saturdays for notarizations and authentications of documents. This Saturday, June 25 we are open from 10 am – 4 pm and will be happy to accommodate your notarization needs. Check out Carter Notary’s book online for other times and general availability. By booking online your reserve your spot (similar to a restaurant). Multiple documents or other complex forms may need to be booked separately to allow us time to review and sign documents and meet client needs. If you’re uncertain call our office at 250-383-4100.

Summer Solstice

Beverly Carter and The Notary Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Summer Solstice. With it finally being the first official day of summer, we hope everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy some time in the sun today.

During this summer day, Beverly Carter Notary Public is still happy to provide you with all your Notarization needs.

June Giveaway Winners

We would like to take the time to acknowledge all three of Carter Notary’s June Newsletter giveaway winners.

Congratulations to Mel for winning the summer care package prize along with Teresa and Linda for winning the $50 gift cards to Lustre of Pearl – Hair and Beauty Salon.


All the winners were kind enough to let us share their impulsive winning comments with you.

Mel: “If I won this, it would be for my daughter, who has never (EVER) had any type of impulsive beauty experience. She is 19 and pretty shy.  She really does need a beauty experience … not because she needs beauty (lol! – to me, she is absolutely gorgeous!!), but because she needs attention and pampering! I want her to know that self-care is really important – and that it’s okay to allow yourself some glamour once in a while! She tends to focus on others, and is the person who tells everyone how nice they look, or compliments their hair or style, but rarely feels like a part of the group herself. I think the privacy of the services at Lustre of Pearl, and the whole vibe given on their website, is 100% the right place for her to experience a fresh look and some self-love!”

Teresa: “I have two good ones for ya!!! I thought I would try a sample package of exfoliating glycolic peel… got home, washed my face, applied said product! What resulted was a ‘FIRE ENGINE RED” screaming rash that raged across my entire face! It was a Sunday afternoon, so after washing it all off, I left it alone in hopes that by the time I got to work on Monday morning it would be gone! I work in an elementary school and the kids definitely noticed! I lied and told them it was a sun burn! Story # 2 was that when I was in my teens, I tried a home henna product and turned my hair camouflage-green! Learning the lesson slowly that you should NOT TRY THESE THINGS AT HOME! go to the professionals! Thanks! Teresa”

Linda: “I let my daughter wax my eyebrows and, well, let’s just say she got a bit over zealous and took more than we bargained for. The look of horror on her face when she realized what she had done was priceless and I couldn’t be mad because after all she is my daughter and I love her. My poor eyebrows have never been the same. 😌”

Thank you to everyone who entered and good luck with next month’s Carter Notary giveaway which will be “The Ice Cream Trail”.