Carter Notary Local Business Highlight – April 2022

Congratulation to Stratos Performance Nutrition on being Carter Notary’s Local Business highlight for April 2022!

Beverly Carter Notary Public is pleased to support local businesses that are positively impacting the Greater Victoria community.

Locally owned and operated, Stratos performance Nutrition uses cutting-edge supplement ingredients to produce a variety of Vegan-Friendly products. Along with New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate, Stratos offers a Vegan Pre-Workout and a Vegan Super Greens supplement to provide “Game Changing Nutrition” for their customers.

Wesley Wood is the CEO of Stratos Performance Nutrition Ltd. and founded the company in 2020 amidst the world-wide pandemic. Having all races and events cancelled, Wesley discovered a newfound motivation and time to jump-start his supplement venture. Using his vast athletic experience and expertise, Wesley has developed a supplement performance structure to improve nutrition and increase overall athletic performance. As a small business operating in Victoria, I have seen Stratos positively grow, impacting our community through the promotion of healthy living. Not only does Stratos make great tasting supplements, but their products are also naturally sourced and sustainably managed. Being tentative on the nutrients you consume and your overall diet, a person can better manage their lifestyle and facilitate a healthy body, mind, and community.

Please consider Stratos Performance Nutrition when next purchasing your supplements. Their amazing products and great team have established Stratos Performance Nutrition as a fantastic addition to the greater Victoria community. In recognition of their positive contributions, Stratos is this March’s Carter Notary’s Small Business to Watch.

Stratos Performance Nutrition