Appointments & Drop-In

At Carter Notary, we always try to accommodate our clients to the best of our abilities. Appointments can be made online through or over the phone at 250-383-4100. We understand that we all can have busy or hectic schedules at times, and that is why we offer drop-in hours weekly (Mon-Fri). Please view our listed drop-in hours HERE.


Think of booking online for a notarization with Carter Notary very much like making a restaurant reservation. It reserves your spot as a priority whereas people who just drop in for a notarization know they may have to wait for a little bit. The system works well and provides flexibility for both our office and its clients. Our clients don’t always know their schedule, they may be running ahead, or they may be running behind. Or they have a tight timeline. No matter the circumstance, we will always try our best to help support and assist your needs. At Carter Notary we thrive on efficient, friendly service.