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BC Notaries Association – Fall 2019 Conference

Posted on September 25, 2019

I just finished our fall Notary conference. As I wait for my plane to return home, it’s good to take the time to reflect on the past couple days.

Our professional body, The Society of Notaries Public of BC, comes together twice a year to learn and keep up to date with current practices, legal precedents, judge’s decisions on matters that relate to our areas of law, and to engage in meaningful discussions with our notary colleagues. I’m always impressed with the information sharing, depth of knowledge, and breadth of experience found around any given table where I sit. And I wish I had more opportunities to meet with my colleagues from around the province.

This year’s conference was extra special in that we spun off the trade part of our professional body which is now called the BC Notaries Association. We held our election & inducted our first full board of directors, several whom were in my Masters degree & professional training cohort. The mandate of the association is to advocate, continually educate, and promote our notary services and profession.

It’s an exciting time to be a notary as generally first world countries are seeking to make legal services more accessible to citizens. And, BC is no different. BC Notaries have developed a trusted tradition based on grassroots delivery of legal services throughout British Columbia which forms an excellent foundation to build additional services. Our clients regularly walk in expecting us to be able to assist in trusts in Wills, standard court probate, cohabitation agreements, simple family law matters, business corporation setup and other similar services. They are disappointed when we cannot meet their needs.  We look forward to working on gaining these additional services and continuing to provide excellence in legal services to the public in British Columbia.

Beverly Carter